These are my first draft and final draft of the font poem.

I feel like everyone is always concentrated on outer beauty and materialism. People choose their friends, their enemies, and their significant others initially by the way they look, then hopefully they make true opinions for the beauty or ugliness on the inside. Inthe same respect people buy makeup, buy designer clothes, buy fancy things, constantly battle losing weight, and go through surgeries and other things to alter the way they look all to be appealing to others on a purely superficial level. Admittedly, I have fallen into this game; I have bought clothes, cosmetics, and other material items in order to appeal to others. I know it is not realistic to get rid of these things but I want to get rid of all or at least some of the judging from the outside. I chose this quote because I want someone to see me for the things on the inside; for being devoted, determined, talented, and more.

The color I chose to accent throughout the quote is a light green to symbolize natural beauty. I chose to make heart bigger, a simple Palatino font, and green because the heart is where simple true beauty and love come from and it should be the only thing others are judging beauty by, rather than judging with their eyes and what they can see on the outside. I also chose to make see bigger and a bold striped green Impact font because people automatically resort to using their eyes to see beauty. I chose a Snell Roundhand font for beauty because it seems more delicate and beauteous. The world love is a Plantagenet Cherokee bold simple font because love is simple and true. It is also one of the most important words and it is essential that they eye be brought to it. I made the “&” simple green so that it would tie together beauty and love and bring the eye to those two words because I feel they are the center of the piece. The word more is bold to strain importance and give the feeling of getting more. The word eyes is a Rockwell Extra Bold font but is fading away because it is important to notice that the eyes should not be used to judge. Lastly wonder is a playful Bradley Hand ITC TT font because the font feels like it is about to wander away.

I curved beauty and love around the “&” symbol with an warp arch tool so that the eyes would be brought to them because they are the most important words in the quote and they are curved together to make a circle to show that they go hand in hand. See has a warped fisheye curve on it to make it look more three dimensional look to show all of the things you could potentially see if you got beyond what your eyes were showing you upfront and a gradient overlay to make the striped color. The word eyes has a gradient overlay on it to make the effect that the eyes are fading away because they are less important.  Lastly, ever has a warped arch over wonder because the word ever seems long and I felt like the arch made it look longer while still joining it with wonder because those two words go together.

I am most proud of beauty and love but I also found them the most difficult and they are the two words that I worked on the longest. I feel like they truly compliment each other and make the whole piece more interesting. I also really like the way eyes were fading away; I think it really accurately represents the word. If I had more time maybe I would add a symbol of an eye or I would form the whole thing into an eye shape because I really liked the light bulb and shoe piece that were in those shapes.