I chose a band that is local and the lead singer is my best friend, Jesse Ramos. I chose the quadrant format for my band poster. Originally I was choosing between that and the Z format but the tree was centered and so is the picture of the guys in the band, so the type looked better centered. I like the centered images because I the person’s eye to drawn to the picture of the band and I think the eye was drawn more to the band members when they are centered rather than on the side or spread out.


For WQRI I chose Rockwell Extra Bold and put a stroke around it because I also made “Opener for Chris Webby” Rockwell Extra Bold and I put a stroke on it to make it more visible, I thought they should both have a stroke so that they match. are the color white to because they are less important than the actual band name “Brother Teresa.” “Brother Teresa” is yellow to make it stand out and it is also a different font, Ariel Black, to make it stand out. All of the lines except “Brother Teresa” are in all capitals because it looked better and again ads to the fact that the band name sticks out. The bottom font are all Arial Black to match the font that the band name is in but the first line “Roger Williams University Baseball Field” is yellow and the second line “Free Admission- 4/20/1012” is white to add variety and cut up the type at the bottom.


I first took an image of a tree in the sunset because the main singer, Jesse Ramos’ rap name is GRO and a tree symbols growing. In order to change it 50% I put the filter Ink Outlines on it, which is a strong filter that significantly changed the image. In addition I also cropped the image of the original tree so that the top of the tree is cut off making it look like the tree might possibly go forever. Then I took a picture of the band, which makes it an original image, I cropped them out of the original image and placed it on top of the tree. I decided to place them in the middle because the whole poster is centered and I want the picture of the band to be what your eyes are lead to by following the line of the tree. I put an inner shadow on the guys to make them pop out more and draw the eye to them. I also put a gradient overlay on them in order to make it appear like they were fading into the bottom of the poster.


I think Indesign is more complicated to use than Photoshop. It has a lot of the same tools but I think it would be much harder to manipulate an image. I manipulated my images on Photoshop and brought them into Indesign. I used Indesign for the text and I had no problems manipulating the text. I do not think this was the right project to use with Indesign because I could have made the text on Photoshop just as easily. I do not feel like I learned a lot about Indesign because all I did was manipulate text so I feel like I did not see the potential that the program has to do different things that Photoshop cannot do.