ImageTaylorSwift Presentation 1

First we created a minute a sound clip with a combination of two songs from our artist to put in the background of our PowerPoint. My artist is Taylor Swift so I chose two songs from her latest album Speak Now, Mean and Story of Us. First I went to iTunes clicked preferences and import settings and changed to import using mp3. Then I highlighted the songs and went to advanced and create Mp3 to transform them into Mp3’s. Then I dragged both mp3’s into audacity in two separate files, and then I took 30 seconds of my favorite part of each song.  Then I took one of the files, copied it and pated it into the other document right next to the first song. I then highlighted the last part of the first clip and went to effect and pressed fade out. Then, I highlighted the beginning of the other clip and went to effects and clicked fade in so that the two songs would mesh together well.  After this I exported it as a WAV and then converted it to an mp3 in iTunes because a WAV is a bigger file than mp3.

The first slide is the title slide. I put the title, my name, and the date. I made the title a Brush Script MT Italic font because it looks like the font they used on her website. I also made the theme colors a turquoise green and light pink because I found those colors on her site. I then animated the title and made each letter come in separately but at a quick speed so it was not too slow. I made my name and the date come in from the bottom at a very fast pace as well.

The second slide is a facts slide about Taylor Swift. The titles are all the same font throughout the PowerPoint, however they are all animated to fade in quickly except on the first slide. I also used Adobe Hebrew as the other font throughout the PowerPoint to maintain consistency. In this slide the font is the turquoise green and then after each slide comes in from the bottom at a medium speed, it fades out to gray.  This effect is to make sure the audience is focusing on the line I want them to.  Each fact is next to a bullet, which is a picture of a little pink guitar; to do this I went to format, bullets and numbering then custom bullets and use picture. I also had a picture of Taylor Swift with a light pink border to match the theme colors and the little pink guitars, and I animated it in with a twirl.

The third slide is about her album. I brought in a picture of her album with a light pink border on the left first with a twirl animation. I then animated each song title and time separately with a quick fade in so it does not take to long and the audience does not get bored.  The font is all Adobe Hebrew but the song titles are gray and the song times are light pink to create variety and stay in the theme colors.

The fourth slide was a comparison slide that compares Taylor Swift and two of her like artists, Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus.  I clicked the icon for table and made 4 rows and 4 columns. The categories are Band, Album, Song, and Sold Copies. The categories all fade in at a quick speed, then the pictures symbolizing the band twirl in one by one at a quick speed, then the pictures that symbolize the Albums twirl in and appear from the center at a quick speed, then the pictures that symbolize the songs twirl in with a bounce at a quick speed, and lastly, the number of sold copies fades in at a quick pace.

Lastly, the fifth slide is a collage slide. I made my college in Photoshop and animated it there, then brought it into the PowerPoint. At the bottom of the slide I created a hyper link with Taylor Swift’s website; I went to create text box, insert hyperlink and I put a short friendly name in the display so the link would not show. Lastly, I changed the color tone of the display by going to format and then theme colors. First the title fades in fast like usual, then the collage comes up from the bottom, and lastly the link comes up from the bottom at a quick speed.

After the PowerPoint was done I inserted the sound clip into it and changed the setting to play over all slides. I then rehearsed the show so that I could change when the slide changes and when the music played during each slide. I made it so that the second song started during the transition to slide 3, the album slide. I also put in transitions after each slide; I used sparkle and vortex transitions that reminded me of Taylor Swift. On every animation I did I made sure that it started after the previous and not on click so that they whole slide show would run on its own.