Hello, I am Alyssa Brangi, CEO of Grand Northern Railroad.

I want to start by thanking everyone for coming today and giving this organization a second chance to explain what we are doing to rebuild your trust in this GN.

We know that the first press conference was called prematurely and we apologize for making promises we could not keep.

The organization has made many changes since the last press conference and will continue to improve by following our step-by-step plan. Our goal is to not only restore your faith but also exceed your expectations.

Most recently, our main line train broke down. GN sent out another train immediately and customers were at their destination within 45 minutes. The train was promptly removed from the tracks to avoid delaying other trains and all money was refunded to passengers.

Other than that, multiple issues have arose over the years; mechanical issues with trains, delays and cancellations, poor customer service, inability to perform in inclement weather and faulty train tracks.

To avoid cancellations and delays, within the past month a team of mechanics and engineers have inspected and repaired all of the trains and tracks. To ensure that this problem does not arise again there will be safety and mechanical inspections every three months.

When delays and cancellations are unavoidable, the information will be presented on a screen in the lobby of the train station and on our website. In addition, customers now have the option to sign up for text, email and phone updates.

Delays and cancellations have also been the result of our inability to deal with inclement weather. The company has purchased snowplows for the front of all of our trains and a track cleaner to avoid problems when it snows or rains. In addition, the company put in new drainage system last week so flooding will no longer be an issue.

Another issue was that cows were eating away at the tracks. The newly repaired tracks will no longer be damaged because I personally met with the farmer Joe and he has agreed to fence in the cows if we finance the fencing.

Lastly, the company has set up protocols for service and monthly mandatory training sessions for all employees to ensure quality customer service. The protocols were set in place last month and the employee training sessions will begin this Thursday. In addition, we have set up a service hotline that we encourage all customers to if the customer service they experienced was anything but excellent.

Overall, these problems have created a lack of credibility, a loss of reputation and upset our customers. With all of the improvements we have already made and the updates that will continue to make, we hope that we can earn your trust and restore your confidence in this organization.

The floor is now open for questions.