We are delighted to announce that Castex Manufacturing is expanding! The expansion will begin on September 19th and is scheduled to be complete on October 19th. Castex Industries is a manufacturing plant that is located in Providence, RI.

Benefits of the Expansion:

  • There will be around 1,000 jobs created because our company is committed to employing people in the area.
  • We are devoted to the community! Once construction is complete Castex will be supporting local schools by donating money to build a new playground at the local elementary school.

Our Solution to your concerns:


  • The new Castex building is using extra funds in order to be soundproof to eliminate any noise disturbance in the area
  • The fenced in construction will happen between the hours of 7 to 9 PM on weekdays.
  • Construction of the materials for the project will be done at an ulterior site to reduce noise, dust, and so the site can be more aesthetically pleasing.


  • There will be police present and signs that indicate construction areas.
  • The fenced-in plant is set back on the property so that children and the local school will not be affected either. Construction will not be during school hours.
  • We are building a through street behind the factory so traffic will not be interrupted. The construction is set far back and will not effect parking or any other local activities.


  • We have made our construction as environmentally safe as possible and plan to install solar panels as an on going effort to keep our business eco friendly!
  • There will be different containers for waste, which will be properly disposed of.

Thank you

 for your patience and cooperation during this time of growth!

If you have any questions or concerns please call our hot line at any time: