Al’s Tire Company

1 Old Ferry Road

Bristol, RI, 02809

October 2, 2013

Joseph Milanes

Re: Company layoffs

It is with regret that we inform you that the company will no longer be able to employ you. This will take effect on Thursday the 24th. We value all of the work you have put into the company for so many years.

Al’s Tire Company began facing problems when Lou’s Automobiles and Tires opened a year ago. The company has lost profits and has not met sales quotas for the last two years. The company was also unable to update the machinery. As a result, the machinery is no longer functional and the company cannot afford to buy more. The combination of loss of sales and lack of machinery is pushing the company towards bankruptcy.

Seminars are being held to help you and other employees cope with being laid-off and take steps towards future employment. The seminars will take place at 6 PM in conference rooms A and B on the sixth, seventh and eighth of October. The first seminar will be about compensation, severance packages, pension, and health benefits. The second will offer psychological counseling in small support groups with hired psychologists. The third will be devoted to helping you with paperwork to sign up for unemployment and help revising resumes. We strongly encourage that you attend.

Thank you for your understanding. We wish you the best with your future endeavors! For more information, please contact Emily Billot in our human relations department at 860-304-4567.


Alyssa Brangi

CEO of Al’s Tires