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Contact: Alyssa Brangi, Public Relations Specialist

Dirty fun for RWU students at Oozeball tournament and barbeque

What: Oozeball Tournament and BBQ

Roger Williams University (RWU) will be holding a free barbeque and mud volleyball tournament called Oozeball for students at RWU.

When: Sunday September 22nd, 2013 at 1 p.m.

Where: Roger Williams University, in the North Campus Residence Hall Quad

[Parking is available in North Campus]

Who: A press conference will be held with President Ferish. Interviews will be held after the press conference.

Why: The ICC is promoting school spirit, student camaraderie, sober fun, and showing RWU students a good muddy time. Teams of RWU juniors and seniors will play each other in a mixture of 33 yards of dirt and 200 gallons of water. Students on the teams of 6-8 people paid 5 dollars to enter the tournament. All of the proceeds of this event go to the RWU Inter-Class Council (ICC), which funds events such as dances, outings, and other events which are meant to ensure that RWU students have the best college experience by making sure there is always something fun to do on campus.


The RWU Inter-Class Council is an organization of class officers whose goal is student satisfaction and an enjoyable college experience for all RWU students. The ICC does this by representing the voice of students in every grade by gathering feedback and addressing class concerns to the Students Senate and other organizations on campus, therefor ensuring the best programs and events for students. The ICC welcomes all students to attend committee meetings, whether they want to give direct feedback or become a part of the organization.

Instructions for media:

Equipment can be set up in to the left of the volleyball courts. Videographers and photographers allowed. Press should show up at 12:30 in order to set up.

For more information, please contact Senior Class president Jessie Reed, at


Castex Mail Out Leaflet


We are delighted to announce that Castex Manufacturing is expanding! The expansion will begin on September 19th and is scheduled to be complete on October 19th. Castex Industries is a manufacturing plant that is located in Providence, RI.

Benefits of the Expansion:

  • There will be around 1,000 jobs created because our company is committed to employing people in the area.
  • We are devoted to the community! Once construction is complete Castex will be supporting local schools by donating money to build a new playground at the local elementary school.

Our Solution to your concerns:


  • The new Castex building is using extra funds in order to be soundproof to eliminate any noise disturbance in the area
  • The fenced in construction will happen between the hours of 7 to 9 PM on weekdays.
  • Construction of the materials for the project will be done at an ulterior site to reduce noise, dust, and so the site can be more aesthetically pleasing.


  • There will be police present and signs that indicate construction areas.
  • The fenced-in plant is set back on the property so that children and the local school will not be affected either. Construction will not be during school hours.
  • We are building a through street behind the factory so traffic will not be interrupted. The construction is set far back and will not effect parking or any other local activities.


  • We have made our construction as environmentally safe as possible and plan to install solar panels as an on going effort to keep our business eco friendly!
  • There will be different containers for waste, which will be properly disposed of.

Thank you

 for your patience and cooperation during this time of growth!

If you have any questions or concerns please call our hot line at any time:


Al’s Tire Company Media Release


Al’s Tire Company

1 Old Ferry Road

Bristol, RI, 02809



Al’s Tire Company forced to lay off employees

Cites Economic Problems

(Sept 12, 2013, Providence, RI) – Al’s Tire Company CEO, Alyssa Brangi, announced the layoff of 500 employees today at a press conference. The layoff will be effective on Thursday the 24th. The workers were notified in a meeting three weeks prior to the date of the lay off.

The CEO, Alyssa Brangi, gave reasons for the lay off which includes profit loss, competitive prices, and customer loss.

“Due to competition with major national corporations, the company has suffered massive profit losses of $2 million last year and a loss of $1 million the year before,” said Alyssa Brangi, CEO of Al’s Tire Company.

Brangi indicated that the company was not able to drop prices as low as larger franchise companies did. “Due to our inability to compete in prices we have also lost 20% of our customers,” said Brangi.

In addition, according to the company’s chief financial officer, Meghan Petrel, as a result of the profit losses the company was not able to ‘keep up with necessary updates’ for machinery and there is not enough money to purchase more after profit losses in the last two years.

Brangi expresses regret and describes the profit losses as ‘devastating and unavoidable.’

The company is holding three seminars that will be around an hour long to help employees deal with being laid-off and take steps toward future employment.

The first seminar will offer information on compensation, severance packages, pension and health benefits, the second offers psychological counseling, and the third offers help with filling out paperwork and resume revising.

Al’s Tire Company mass produces tires and sells tires directly to customers and businesses in the Providence area.  The company was founded in by Al Brangi in 1983 and has always been a family-run business. Alyssa Brangi, CEO, took over her father’s company in 2000 and now runs the company, which employs around 1,500 people. Al’s Tire Company has been active in the Providence community and has served the residents of Providence and the surrounding communities for the past 30 years.

For more information please contact, please contact Emily Billot at 860-304-4567.

Roger Williams University Media Release




Roger Williams University defends building a bar on campus

(October 23, 2013, Bristol, RI) – The president of Roger Williams University (RWU), Donald J. Farish, announced the addition of a bar in north campus in an email yesterday. Building will start on June 1, 2014.

Drinking and driving has progressively become more of an issue at RWU. In the past two years, there have been seven arrests specifically because students were driving after drinking at the local bars.

President Farish says he has come up with a solution, “A bar will provide a safe place where students who are 21 can enjoy a drink, spend time with their classmates and walk back to their dorm or a friend’s dorm safely.”

Farish states that, “Safety is a top priority; all alcohol intake will be regulated, bar tenders will be trained RWU staff and there will be RWU security inside and outside the bar. Because we are providing a safe place to drink, there will be a zero tolerance policy for drinking and driving. All students will be required to sign a contract when they turn 21, agreeing to expulsion as a punishment if they are caught drinking and driving on or off campus.”

According to head public safety officer, Joe Smith, additional safety precautions are being taken to make sure alcohol intake is regulated and all students have a safe ride home.

All hard alcohol will stop being served at 9 PM, bar tenders will be intensely trained on when to cut students off, shuttles will run every half hour to take students living in the Bristol area home and at least two public safety cars will be out front to offer students a ride home who live farther away.

Students have often complained about a lack of options, “There is not a safe place on campus for all of the people who are 21 to hang out and drink together. As seniors we want to spend our last year together and the only option is going to the bar because it is impossible to fit everyone in an on campus apartment. Even when we attempt a party with all of age students, it is quickly broken up by RA’s because of capacity regulations” said senior Ken Cheston.

The response has been overwhelmingly positive; students, parents, and staff members have expressed their gratitude and appreciation for a safe place for of age students to drink on campus.

Roger Williams University is a leading private, coeducation university with programs in the liberal arts and the professions. The university is located in Bristol, Rhode Island, above Mount Hope Bay. The university has been constantly improving and growing since it was founded in 1956. The university is small with about 5,000 undergraduate students and is focused on students becoming community- and globally-minded citizens through project-based, experiential learning.

For more information please contact, please contact Alyssa Brangi at 860-304-4325.

Employee Redundancy Letter


Al’s Tire Company

1 Old Ferry Road

Bristol, RI, 02809

October 2, 2013

Joseph Milanes

Re: Company layoffs

It is with regret that we inform you that the company will no longer be able to employ you. This will take effect on Thursday the 24th. We value all of the work you have put into the company for so many years.

Al’s Tire Company began facing problems when Lou’s Automobiles and Tires opened a year ago. The company has lost profits and has not met sales quotas for the last two years. The company was also unable to update the machinery. As a result, the machinery is no longer functional and the company cannot afford to buy more. The combination of loss of sales and lack of machinery is pushing the company towards bankruptcy.

Seminars are being held to help you and other employees cope with being laid-off and take steps towards future employment. The seminars will take place at 6 PM in conference rooms A and B on the sixth, seventh and eighth of October. The first seminar will be about compensation, severance packages, pension, and health benefits. The second will offer psychological counseling in small support groups with hired psychologists. The third will be devoted to helping you with paperwork to sign up for unemployment and help revising resumes. We strongly encourage that you attend.

Thank you for your understanding. We wish you the best with your future endeavors! For more information, please contact Emily Billot in our human relations department at 860-304-4567.


Alyssa Brangi

CEO of Al’s Tires

GN Press Conference Speech

Hello, I am Alyssa Brangi, CEO of Grand Northern Railroad.

I want to start by thanking everyone for coming today and giving this organization a second chance to explain what we are doing to rebuild your trust in this GN.

We know that the first press conference was called prematurely and we apologize for making promises we could not keep.

The organization has made many changes since the last press conference and will continue to improve by following our step-by-step plan. Our goal is to not only restore your faith but also exceed your expectations.

Most recently, our main line train broke down. GN sent out another train immediately and customers were at their destination within 45 minutes. The train was promptly removed from the tracks to avoid delaying other trains and all money was refunded to passengers.

Other than that, multiple issues have arose over the years; mechanical issues with trains, delays and cancellations, poor customer service, inability to perform in inclement weather and faulty train tracks.

To avoid cancellations and delays, within the past month a team of mechanics and engineers have inspected and repaired all of the trains and tracks. To ensure that this problem does not arise again there will be safety and mechanical inspections every three months.

When delays and cancellations are unavoidable, the information will be presented on a screen in the lobby of the train station and on our website. In addition, customers now have the option to sign up for text, email and phone updates.

Delays and cancellations have also been the result of our inability to deal with inclement weather. The company has purchased snowplows for the front of all of our trains and a track cleaner to avoid problems when it snows or rains. In addition, the company put in new drainage system last week so flooding will no longer be an issue.

Another issue was that cows were eating away at the tracks. The newly repaired tracks will no longer be damaged because I personally met with the farmer Joe and he has agreed to fence in the cows if we finance the fencing.

Lastly, the company has set up protocols for service and monthly mandatory training sessions for all employees to ensure quality customer service. The protocols were set in place last month and the employee training sessions will begin this Thursday. In addition, we have set up a service hotline that we encourage all customers to if the customer service they experienced was anything but excellent.

Overall, these problems have created a lack of credibility, a loss of reputation and upset our customers. With all of the improvements we have already made and the updates that will continue to make, we hope that we can earn your trust and restore your confidence in this organization.

The floor is now open for questions.

Alyssa Brangi Resume

11233 Kirkbride DriveDanvers, MA 01923


Alyssa Christine Brangi


Roger Williams University                                                                                                                  Graduated May 2014

Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies Specialized in Public Relations

  • Double minor in Marketing and Spanish
  • Studied abroad in Barcelona Spain for a semester
  • Cumulative GPA 3.7 | Consistently awarded Dean’s List
  • Graduated Magna Cum Laude


Work Experience:

Linden Place Mansion- Bristol, RI

Marketing and Communications Intern                                                                                                 January 2014-May 2014

  • Designed 7 posters and 2 programs for events
  • Generated buzz for events and Linden Place through social media, direct emails and personal communication
  • Edited and sent out press releases
  • Developed and maintained media and membership contact lists and databases


Roger Williams University Annual Giving– Bristol, RI

Manager                                                                                                                                    October 2010-May 2014

  • Promoted from caller to manager in the second year
  • Excelled at motivating and training callers
  • Interviewed, hired, and trained employees
  • Evaluated callers, made goals for callers and individually met with callers regularly


O.G. & Associates- Rocky Hill, CT

Direct Marketing Intern                                                                                                             June 2013-August 2013

  • Excelled at persuading people to sign up for a free estimate for cabinet refacing
  • Promoted to a leader within a month
  • Interviewed, taught and trained new employees


Roger Williams University Alumni Relations – Bristol, RI

Communications Manager                                                                                                    October 2011-December 2012

  • Created and managed Twitter, Instagram and Flickr accounts, managed and updated the Facebook account
  • Created a social media outreach plan for the 2013 Alumni Weekend
  • Handled alumni relations, made calls, helped plan alumni events


Additional Marketing and Public Relations Experience:

  • Created a marketing and public relations plan for Easter Seals Rhode Island and presented it to the Director of Development, Judy Fortier
  • Created new and innovative marketing strategy and campaign for Foolproof Brewing and presented it to CEO, Nick Garrison
  • Created an integrated public relations plan to gain more donations, volunteers and general knowledge of Project Book, a local Rhode Island non profit. Plan included posters, flyers, sample emails and bookmarks.


Clubs and Activities:

  • Communications Relations Specialist for Roger Williams Student Philanthropy Executive Council for 3 years


Volunteer Work

  • Captain of Relay for Life
  • Walk for Autism
  • Branford Soup Kitchen